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Eventur was created to solve four specific problems:  Take the pain out of issuing educational certificates to attendees, eliminate the need for multiple applications when delivery education, provide better service, all at an affordable price.  Eventur has solved these problems for professional organizations issuing educational certificates with our Conference Management and Learning Management platform. Whether you are an Event planner and Firm Managers. Eventur provides the best event platform and our firm CE tracker.

For Conferences: After spending the last 20 years attending and managing events, it became evident that what was lacking, were the right tools for event planners and organizers. Our company tried multiple things like web databases, Excel spreadsheets, and event apps. We were looking to help ease the load on our team and automate the attendee experience for live events, webinars and CE tracking. the biggest pain being attendance tracking and certificate creation and delivery. Ultimately, the tools on the market didn’t meet our needs or goals.

So, we started a new company called Eventur.  Our goal was to build the best event app and applications providing resources for event managers, associations and firms. We set out to create exceptional events, excellent experiences and keep professionals compliant. One of our first technology additions were to automate the session event check-in process, and the second was to automate and ease the pain of tracking and processing continuing education. With our Conference Tools like the best event app, registration software, check in kiosk, badge printing and our QA Live Channel, Eventur is fast becoming the leading Event tool for all professionals including the Accounting, Legal, Financial, Insurance, Dental, Medical and others.  We continue to add features every year making our platform, Eventur Conference, the leading application for events.

For Firms: Due to professional and firm needs, for CE, CPE, CLE and CEU management and compliance, we developed Eventur CE. This product provides many features including integrated webinar tools, firm CE management tools and offers member organizations and societies a web based CE product.

Eventur products are designed to relieve stress for associations, teams, planners and firms whether at in-person conferences, virtual, hybrid and webinars. Every and any educational event including internal firm education. These benefits are what organizations are wanting, and that’s precisely what we are providing. We encourage you to take a close look and discover the solutions we have created, which can make your organization the best!


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