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Eventur provides the best event app and event software for conference planners, meeting managers and educators. Simple enough for small meetings. Dynamic enough for large organizations.  Whether you perform In-Person, Virtual, Hybrid or Webinar events Eventur’s Event Management software is for you!


Everything you need for your event in one place.

Online Registration

Online Event Registration

Streamline your conference efforts with the best online event registration system. Customized to your brand our event software features automate every aspect of  the event experience, from attendee sign-ups, payment processing to post-event activities in one platform. Learn more.

Onsite Check-in Kiosk

Onsite Event Badge Printing Kiosk

When the crowd arrives, your team and attendees will enjoy a Touch-Free Onsite Badge Printing Kiosk.  Experience the Event Badge Printing solution that helps reduce resources and headaches. Order custom color badges, lanyards and holders with our Event Box product. Learn More.

Interactive Audience

Interactive Audience Features

Using the best event app or our Virtual Hub, your attendees can interact with presenters, and each other with the our Audience Response System, called Interactive Audience. Start using digital notation, live polling,  surveys,  digital Q&A and Continuing Education processing. Learn More.

Mobile Event App

Mobile Event App

Customize a feature rich experience for small meetings or large conferences. The best event app provides a connection for attendees and exhibitors via social feeds, gamification and lead gen.  The Mobile Event App manages attendance, room capacities and crowd flow. Learn more.

Continuing Education

Educational Certificates for Attendees

Highly automate event education with the best event app. Track attendance multiple ways, offer surveys or tests prior to certificate delivery. Attendance controls meet compliance requirements and deliver certificates for CE, CPE, CLE, CME, CEU and more. Learn more.

Onsite Event Badge Printing

Onsite event badge printing is becoming the standard for today’s events and the automation it creates has become a game changer. Whether you organize events, meetings or large conferences, onsite event badge printing will elevate your crowd’s experience. Onsite event badge printing has replaced the outdated manual systems of preprinting badges before events or laying them out on tables.

Experience event super power with our Touch Free Check-in Kiosk, and our Event Box product which includes equipment, custom color badges, lanyards, and biodegradable holders. All delivered right to your next meeting. Each professional, firm and organization needs the benefits of onsite badge printing at their meeting, conference or event. Eventur onsite badge printing is the smart choice.


Mobile Event App

Choose from a range of event app solutions that empower every organization to create the best experience for their members, attendees, and team.  Online Registration, Event Check-in, Event Onsite Badge Printing, Attendance Tracking, CE certificate delivery and the best Mobile Event App complete the platform.  Eventur’s Conference Software features will be an asset to every event.

The Eventur Event Management Software is technology savvy, attendee focused and team friendly. It will out perform others, create a buzz for groups and save any event budget!  This is why organizations and educators are moving to the best event app and the Eventur Conference experience.

The Eventur Conference Platform with the Event app has the ability to Track & Manage Continuing Education, manage room capacities, monitor crowd flow and evaluate attendance. Eventur Conference provides mobile event registration, event check-in, and QR Code scanning, making it the most comprehensive choice you can make for event management. More than just tracking CE, this robust Event Platform has both training coordination, attendance scanning and tracking with compliance tools allowing learning management directors to keep their teams on track during In-person, Virtual, Hybrid events or Webinar meetings, trainings and events.  Stay current with your CE, CPE, CME, CLE, CEU!  Life is an adventure with Eventur Conference and the best conference app.


Online Event Registration

Online Event Registration has never been easier and includes mobile ready, mobile app and onsite registration capabilities. Experience event super power with our Touch Free Check-in Kiosk, which allows new onsite registrations at our on-demand check-in badge kiosks.  Instantly register and get your badge all at one time.

The Eventur Conference Platform has a brand new event registration platform as an integral part of the event management software which includes the onsite Badge Printing kiosk.  Building a registration form creates a web ready page in minutes and allows you to make changes quickly for layered discounts, pricing deadlines, important attendee questions and more.

The most comprehensive choice you can make for event management is Eventur Event Registration. It has never been easier to instantly build your online registration page.  Your members will notice how incredible your organization is with Eventur Online Event Registration.


Zoom and GoTo Webinar Integration for Automating Continuing Education.

The Eventur Webinar CE Link integrates with Zoom and GoTo for instance attendance tracking allowing automated certificate delivery for each qualified attendee. Whether your event or firm is tracking continuing education with pen and paper, a spreadsheet or lack luster software, it can take hours to process information manually. Eventur Conference and CE simplifies attendance tracking at events, training’s, meetings and webinars; streamlines program evaluation and automates your certificate generation and delivery. Find ways to streamline your firms or associations CE, CPE, CLE or CEU tracking methods and certificate storage. Eventur CE Webinar Link will make your webinar or virtual online event a success.  Eventur CE Webinar Link is perfect to meet all of your organization compliance requirements.  You provide continuing education, Eventur CE makes it a success. Discover what it means to automate continuing education.

“At the end of our conference, there was a magic that happened in the background. That really did the whole audit process to confirm whether somebody went in and checked out of the session and then it automatically generated the CPE certificates and then further distributed them out. So, something that previously took somewhere to a month, month and a half, was shortened to just about a two day process. For that, it was huge for us. It was a big win.”

Michelle Walsh

Vice President of Client Services, XCM

Review the Conference Case Study



Our Partners and Customers

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  • “As a leading upstream oil and gas software organization, it is imperative to remain innovative while advancing our User’s experience. Incorporating Eventur Conference, and their on-site team, with our annual User Conference over the last 4 years has added cutting-edge technology including check-in beacons and brilliant value.  From the interactive Mobile App to streamlined CPE certification, Eventur provides professionalism and efficiencies saving us our most valued commodities, time and resources."

    Enertia Software Nicole Durham, Event Manager

  • “The Eventur Conference team was great to work with and their professional services were amazing. Their conference expertise helped solve the onsite registration process issues we have had for many years. Online Registration was incredibly easy to setup and increased our total attendance. For the first time we had no waiting in the registration lines. We will have the best mobile app, kiosk check-in and badge printing at every event. We also processed educational credits issuing certificates for our professionals.”

    Alabama APSE Derek Greer, Event Planner

  • “With our team filling every management role at our annual conferences, we needed an effective solution that empowered each member facilitating an excellent experience for our attendees. Eventur has the staff, the event tools and features that made our events a success. Using Online Registration and Onsite Badge printing is fantastic.  What a time saver. From team chat and messaging to personal calendars and attendance tracking. With the best event app we maintained compliant for continuing education & CE certificate processing."

    ASPPB John Mickley , Dir of Meetings & Events

  • “We used Eventur Virtual Hub, In-person registration with badge printing and had a great experience. We took our live annual Super Conference and turned it into three separate virtual events throughout the year. Having Zoom integration for our event and to process CPE was a big win for us. Eventur was responsive to our need with on-site services, especially during our meetings and in the setup. After five years we think Eventur is a great company to do business with and I highly recommend them.”

    The Rainmaker Companies Angie Grissom, Owner

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Do you use overpriced, under-performing applications for events or conference engagement or for continuing education management? As the best conference app and event management software on the market, the Eventur platform works as a single, powerful and affordable solution.  Our world class applications are integrated where it is best suited, to provide users with a powerfully connected solution. Including Onsite Badge Printing, Continuing Education certificates and integrations that connect with your existing systems, giving your firm or association, your attendees or team, a seamless experience from beginning to end. Compare us with against the best, and you will see we provide superior product, outstanding service at a better price. Check us out in the Martech Event Management magazine.

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In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid Events and CE Webinars.

Eventur’s Event Management Software features are the most comprehensive on the market today. They include the best Registration Software, Onsite Check in Kiosk, Onsite Event Badge Printing, the Best Event App, Educational Portal, Attendance Tracking and Certificate Processing.  With our many integrations Eventur shines as a world class solution. Take your event online with the Eventur Virtual Hub, fully integrated with Zoom or GoTo Webinar.  Whether your meetings are big or small Eventur, the best event app, is a perfect fit for Professionals, Practices, Member Organizations and User Conferences.

Eventur’s Continuing Education Platform brings solutions to organizations and firms, and those attending meetings or trainings. We offer the Best Conference App, Kiosk Check-in, Online Registration and the best CE Tracking Tool on the market.  We provide a complete end-to-end single integrated solution, where users and administrators have the power to select the features they need.  Our focus is on providing a superior experience for those who attend live in-person, webinars or virtual online Professional Development Courses. Explore how to create an unforgettable experience for your event.  Choose Eventur Conference, Virtual or Webinar platform today.

All logos, names and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

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