Why the Eventur CE Platform?

Every professional, firm and organization needs to track & manage CPE.  Eventur CE is the most comprehensive administration software available. 
More than just tracking CE, this robust learning management system (LMS) has both training coordination, and compliance tools allowing learning management directors to keep their teams on track. 
We provide a built-in offering of online, group live, in-house and self-study courses from around the country. Eventur is the smart choice.


For Professionals. For Firms. For Organizations. For Webinars.


For Professionals. For Firms. For Organizations. For Webinars.

Why the Eventur Conference Platform?

Simple enough for small meetings. Dynamic enough for large organizations.
The best conference platform for conference planners and meeting managers. Choose from a range of solutions that empower every organization to create the best experience for their members, attendees, and team.


Online Registration

Take the sweat out of your conference with our event management features by automating every aspect of your experience, from attendee sign-ups to post-event activities in one platform. Learn more.


Onsite Check-in Kiosk

When your event begins, your team and attendees will enjoy the simplicity of our one click Onsite Check-in Kiosk and Conference Badge Printing solution helping you reduce event staff. Learn More.


Interactive Audience

When sessions begin, your attendees can interact with presenters, and each other with the our Audience Response System, called Interactive Audience. Polling, surveys, Q&A is what you need. Learn More.


Mobile Event App

Simple and robust. Perfect for small meetings and large conferences. The best conference app for conference planners and meeting managers. Tracks and delivers CE, CPE, CLE, CME & CEU. Learn more.

The value of automating continuing education.

Whether your event or firm is tracking continuing education with pen and paper, a spreadsheet or lack luster software, it can take hours to process information manually. Eventur simplifies attendance tracking at events, training’s, or meetings; streamlines program evaluation and automates your certificate generation and delivery. Find ways to streamline your firms or associations CE, CPE, CLE or CEU tracking methods and certificate storage. Track hours, store certificates, sign up for courses, and generate reports needed for compliance.  You provide continuing education, Eventur CE makes it a success. Discover what it means to automate continuing education.

“At the end of our conference, there was a magic that happened in the background. That really did the whole audit process to confirm whether somebody went in and checked out of the session and then it automatically generated the CPE certificates and then further distributed them out. So, something that previously took somewhere to a month, month and a half, was shortened to just about a two day process. For that, it was huge for us. It was a big win.”

Michelle Walsh

Vice President of Client Services, XCM

Review the Conference Case Study



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Do you use over priced, under preforming applications for conference engagement or for continuing education management? With the Eventur platforms you can work with a single, powerful and affordable solution.  Our world class applications are integrated where it is best suited, to provide users with a powerfully connected solution. Our integrations can also connect with your existing systems, giving your firm or association, your attendees or team, a seamless experience from beginning to end.

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Review the Conference Platform comparison chart.

Review our CE/CPE Platform comparison chart.

  • “When planning a trade show or conference event of any size, the mobile app you choose will greatly affect your success or failure. Through its many modern features, simplicity of setup and ease of use, Eventur made running our 2017 Accelerate conference interactions so much simpler."

  • When consulting with event organizers, they all express the need to have the event come off without a hitch. When you connect all of your team with a great mobile app, you increase your organization's chances for having a successful conference or event. Eventur is the perfect addition to any event.

  • With a large team filling every management role at our annual conferences, we needed an effective solution that connected each member in a powerful way, facilitating an excellent experience for our attendees. Eventur has the staff management tools and features that made our event a success.

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