What is the Value of Professional Development?

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The accounting profession is changing, requiring firms to differentiate themselves by offering services in multiple disciplines and attracting the best talent. An easy way to cultivate this change in firms is through professional development. Traditionally, ensuring partners and team members learn new skills and deepen their existing ones required a huge amount of professional time and management. The use of an administrator to oversee continuing education and CPE management tools unburdens individual professionals and keeps their time focused on what’s most important. Additionally incorporating internal firm training, along with educational management tools like firm CPE tracking and LMS systems, has insured better trained teams, which creates better services for clients.

Anything that can be done to assist busy professionals means higher firm rewards and better trained team members. This ultimately benefits the firm and meets the long-term goals of a Professional Development Plan, which is hiring, educating and retaining great talent. Without new class offerings that keep up with industry trends it is impossible for firms to continue to compete. New recruits expect great technology and and educational and advancement path in order to stay with a firm long term. Placing a huge emphasis on cultivating better firm CPE tracking tools, policies and firm plans, should be a top learning management priority. Here are some additional ideas to incorporate for your firms future plans.

During audits and peer review many firms discover that nearly half of their team misplaced their certificates or took classes that didn’t apply to their license. Implementing a team management software in conjunction with an assigned administrator produces better results by using continuing education to propel your firm forward. There are many options available to firms, but few that solve the entire problem, to learn which solution can help you today check out our CPE software comparison chart .


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