How to Get Attendees Engaged at Events

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It’s important for attendees to engage at your events so that you may provide them with greater value. Make sure your event has the networking tools necessary to keep attendees engaged and to create lasting connections. Getting instant interaction, using live polling, social media and even digital Q&A, is a great way to engage your audience. These Audience Response systems are the foundation and key to an events success.  Attendees are no longer satisfied with sharing at round tables and connecting between sessions.  Tools that connect them with each other and speakers during sessions is paramount not only to the attendees but to the event. 

Using your event technology in clever ways can also boost engagement. Events that provide gamification, digital giveaways and create unique event visibility, have proven to increase attention and interaction getting attendees engaged. Or incorporate strategically placed TVs that show event updates, social media, and event information. User enjoy having an app to post current activities, share thoughts and connect with others.  Connecting with each other is as important as connecting with the presentations and speakers.

Gamifying each action in an app gets attendees involved. Each user gets points for checking in, using digital Q&A, answering polls and posting on an activity feed. Points can then be used for recognition or give away’s. It is a great ice breaker and allows them to see the benefits of technology.

In addition to interactive audience apps and software, getting speakers who inspire and focus on professional development is important. They need to give attendees tangible information that they can use immediately. Help attendees engage by providing a digital portal to instructional material, this allows attendees to participate in digital note-taking for post-event use back in the office. This enables the success of the event to be shared with the entire firm. Whether you are providing webinars or live courses the right tools and speakers are vital to an events success. Using Audience Response systems gets attendee engaged and we help automate this process while reducing your teams effort. Check out more event engagement

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