Onsite Check-In & Event Badge Printing Kiosk

Automate.  Expedite.  Simplify.

When your event begins, your team and attendees will enjoy the simplicity of our Custom Onsite Badge Printing solution and Onsite Event Check-in Kiosk. All attendees, team members, speakers and sponsors simply step up to the kiosk, and either select their name, email, company or scan their QR code to experience Touch-Free Check-in and print their badge. Event onsite badge printing lets attendee make changes, reprint badges and print replacement badges when necessary. Simply edit the particulars and print or reprint their badge. Newcomers can sign up, pay and attend on the day of the event when this solution is combined with our Online Event Registration product.

Having a great Event Badge is not difficult. Simply use our Event Onsite Badge Printing software and design your custom badge and Eventur does all the rest. We offer custom paper, colors and can provide branded lanyards and holders.  In addition, our Onsite Event Check-in Kiosk system can also be used for event or session Check-out, tracking CE allowing you to auto-issuing and deliver your certificates. Organizations can also upload certificate information to Sircon, IRS and NASBA keeping your attendees compliant with the education you provide.  If desired, we provide professional onsite services to setup, assist with your event and work with your team to make each event a success. Nothing is like Conference Badge Printing for your event.

Make a great impression when automating the registration desk at your event! Attendees will love the new technology of Event Badge Printing, and your team will love the saved resource and stress reduction.  Start this year with a On-site Event check-in kiosk and badge printing solution! Equipment rentals or purchases are available! Even provide your own equipment. Pricing starts at $2000/event. Multi-event discounts available.  Contact us for details.

Take your event to the next level with our Event Box that come with custom color badges, lanyards and Biodegradable holders.

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Badges, Holders and Lanyards

Need badges, holders or lanyards? Take your event to the next level with our Event Box that come with custom color badges, lanyards and Biodegradable holders. Our package price is real nice!



  • Branded kiosk screen with custom field options
  • Single Tap event check-in with search by name, email or company
  • Check-in with QR code including Touch-Free options
  • Attendee review and On-the-Fly badge editing
  • Fast thermal transfer printers
  • Print badge in less than 2 seconds
  • Custom color badge artwork creation
  • Integrates with Eventur Registration or use Excel
  • Unique bio-degradable badge holders and lanyards available
  • VIP arrival tracking and notification via email or text
  • Instant update of attendee check-in times
  • Kiosk session check-in options via one-tap or QR code
  • Automatic attendance dwell time monitoring and reporting
  • Onsite event kiosk registration options available
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