Events and Education: A Perfect Match

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Facilitating Seamless Continuing Education Events

Events needing education become a perfect match. Conducting events pertaining to continuing education (CE)—physical or virtual— is a different ball game, the operational scope of which extends beyond leveraging your standard market conferencing solutions. Organizations must track attendance and attendee participation by session and require participation to earn educational credits for each session. This process also entails calculating CE credits from attendance tracking reports and promptly assigning and distributing certificates to attendees after the event is complete. These tasks become tedious and manually intense with point solutions. An event management tool that fosters the efficient automation of these tasks is a necessity. The following is an interview with our CEO.

“Eventur simplifies attendance tracking at events, trainings, or meetings; streamlines program evaluation and automates your certificate generation and delivery,” says Michael Giardina, Founder & CEO of Eventur. The company offers a comprehensive range of purpose-built solutions for conducting any and all types of CE events.  “We have positioned ourselves by providing all the tools necessary to manage live, virtual, hybrid, and webinar events for professionals. Our intention is to help those who need to manage and track participants’ attendance for compliance sake and then deliver a certificate to them upon completion of the courses.”

Eventur provides a technology savvy, attendee focused and team-friendly app that manages all aspects of the e-learning process, from enrolling in courses and accessing various resources and tools to passing exams and getting officially certified. Eventur CE integrates with the Eventur Conference offering to bring an all-in-one solution for conference and learning management for event planners to professional organizations and firms.

Eventur simplifies an event with easy session attendance tracking allowing organizers to review each session and credit amounts building their own agenda. Consolidating multiple event management systems in one platform, Eventur automates every aspect of event management from registration to post-event activities. It provides various methods for registration, payment, and signing up multiple attendees at one time. It includes kiosk check-in and badge printing for events and a comprehensive mobile app. Attendees will enjoy Social activity feeds, gamification and other networking features including a complete exhibit hall experience. The attendance tracking methods include badge QR scanning, code word entry, and other methodologies such as Bluetooth beacon and live polling and surveys. These are utilized for live classes, virtual classes, and webinars.

The platform can effectively manage a small meeting to a major conference with thousands of attendees. It can be seamlessly integrated with many other applications and services such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, iMIS, Method CRM, Zapier, and others. Such integration capabilities broaden the scope of the Eventur Conference Platform to every organization.

For organizations that perform CE webinars, the company’s CE Webinar Link automatically collects data from Citrix GoToWebinar or Zoom Webinars and Meetings. This allows the clients to issue any educational certificate, including CPE, CLE, CME, CEU and others. “We provide a great value add, by offering the most comprehensive event software, high-touch service and the best pricing model for our customers,” asserts Giardina.

He also expresses his optimism for virtual events continuing in the future, but he believes that live events will find their way back once everything gets “back to normal.” To continue creating exceptional events and delivering excellent experiences, the company will keep adding and upgrading features every year making Eventur Conference the leading application for educational events. “In the upcoming years, I believe the uptrend for virtual events is going to drop a little, but they are here to stay. So, as a company we will continue to support the virtual aspect of the technology, while making sure we are developing for live as well, as our country opens up,” concludes Giardina.

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