Event Management Software Leader Partners with Coffee House

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Eventur Inc. the Event Management Software Leader Announces Partnership Coffee House Industries

Denver CO – March 21st, 2024 – Eventur, Inc the event management software leader has announced the partnership with Coffee House Industries, an award-winning event decorator and AV provider to strengthen their common relationships within the event and conference industry.

Eventur and Coffee House have created synergy between their companies by combining their strengths, providing a more elite event solution for their customers. Event Planners will benefit from the partnership where they can now shop at one place to get everything they need for their events.  Combining the Coffee House designer options, high end audio/visual services with the Eventur event management software platform, will simplify and elevate the planner’s experience and workload. The strength of this partnership will enable conference planners, and organizers to manage events smoothly and efficiently, from planning to execution.

“We are glad to announce Eventur has created a synergistic partnership with Coffee House Industries, which will add value to the event industry.  Planners need fewer middlemen, and we can now offer a single stop shopping experience for event organizers. It is a dream come true for planners which can have everything ordered, managed, and supported from our partnership.” said Michael Giardina, Managing Partner of Eventur, Inc. “Eventur is a premier event management software solution addressing common challenges faced by planners and organizations. This partnership is now another solution we will provide.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Eventur, as this collaboration underscores our shared vision of enhancing the event planning process,” said Eric Rasmussen, CEO of Coffee House Industries. “By integrating our advanced set design and audiovisual capabilities with Eventur’s premier event management software, we are setting a new standard for simplicity and excellence in event planning.”

About Eventur, Inc

Eventur is a premier event management software addressing common challenges faced by planners and organizations. Its single conference platform streamlines processes, offers expert support, and delivers affordable event technology. Ideal for event planners and meeting organizers, Eventur, Inc provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including badge printing, a top-notch event mobile app, and online registration forms. For more info visit www.eventur.com

About Coffee House Industries

Coffee House Industries is an award-winning leader in set design and construction, specializing in brand activations, props, sets, audio, LED video walls, lighting, and full productions for the event industry. Renowned for transforming visions into captivating realities, we deliver exceptional, unforgettable experiences through innovative solutions and expert craftsmanship. For more information visit www.coffeehouseindustries.com

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