Check Out How We Stack Up Against Cvent, CrowdCompass, DoubleDutch and the rest of the competition.

Competition Comparison

We used DoubleDutch for several years and then, most recently, last year, we had used the Cvent CrowdCompass product suite. What we found with both of those is that there was that automation on site. There was that ability to use the technology but we still had the manual CPE process on the end. So, as I had mentioned to you earlier, that was a very time consuming process that could take anywhere from a month to a month and a half and could require somewhere from one to two maybe even three resources. By moving to Eventur one of the biggest values for us, was that instead of that process taking so much time, we were able to simply have the attendees check in to each one of the sessions using a code-word and then at the end of the session, they would use a different code-word to check out of the session. Then at the end of the conference, really there was a magic that happened in the background. That really did the whole audit process to confirm whether somebody went in and checked out of the session and then it automatically generated that CPE certificate and then further distributed out. So, something that previously took somewhere to a month, month and a half, was shortened to just about a two day process. For that, it was huge for us. It was a big win. Eventur removes Cvent competition.

Superior to the Competition

Sure. So we used cVent previously, or CrowdCompass, which is their app. And we found that with CrowdCompass, it required us to involve a developer. So for somebody like me, I don’t have much of a development background, so we had to actually go out and find a resource to help us. And then we had to manage that with one or two people, making sure that there was kind of that back and forth, this is what we want, and then that checking. And as you know, just anytime you have something go back and forth, it takes a little bit longer. And there’s also that level of frustration if something, you ask for something, and it didn’t get done the proper way, that could be frustrating. So it took us about five months to get our old app up and running, just through all those back and forths. With Eventur, it was really refreshing they are superior to the competition. The CMS is something that’s user friendly. It’s got nice drop down features, drag and drop. So it allows somebody like me, who doesn’t have a development background, to just go in myself, and be able to get everything created. And right down to customizing it, so with our colors, with our branding. We were able to get that all matched up. So from that standpoint, it was a much quicker process. In fact, it took us five weeks total, from beginning to create it, to going live. So from five months, with one to two people, to five weeks which really one person ultimately was truly refreshing, and definitely for us, was **a huge time savings**.

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