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Organizations and firms which are tracking continuing education (CE) for their attendees or staff typically have few choices when it comes to software. The effort required to implement and maintain a solution is often cost prohibitive, and companies resort to manual certificate issuance and documentation. However, vendors have recently begun to fill the technology void with products which can truly save time and create value. Look for the following features when evaluating which apps and services are the best fit for your situation.

Attendance Tracking

The primary benefit of using an app or service for any live event is the ability to track attendance during sessions. You will want a simple and effective solution for your attendees. The most common options are QR codes or a code word. These are presented at the appropriate times to validate that the audience qualified for the credit hours. For large events, consider an automatic check-in option such as Bluetooth beacon support or kiosk check-in device. Attendance tracking is necessary for issuing continuing education certificates.

Analytics & Dashboards

Having the right reports can mean the difference between success and failure. Look for an app with analytics and dashboards which can help you identify areas of weakness or manage an opportunity. Organizations should be able to identify members who may be at risk due to low engagement scores. Firms should have immediate access to key information about their staffs’ proficiency and progress.

Automated CE

To take full advantage of an electronic solution, you should consider an option which automates the continuing education process as possible. This should include features such as certificate issuance, which includes generation and delivery.  For professional firms even internal continuing education courses can be integrated into a your tracking system which will automatically deliver the CE certificate to the professional. Additionally, ask your vendor if they can integrate with the governing body you report to or export the information required. Check out applications that perform automated CE.

Event App

Considering the amount of information which is associated with a live event, it is important to prioritize vendors with an event app and Event Management Software.  This reduces costs by practically eliminating printing fees. Many organizations have found that their cost savings more than pay for their event app. This also increases audience engagement and perceived value. Event Management Software coupled with continuing education creates a unique and promising solution.

User Portal

If your organization is looking to make a statement to their members, consider a solution with a user portal. Firms can also leverage these portals, reducing time spent by both staff and administration. The portal should allow a review of scheduled classes or conferences, upload and download documents such as certificates, and review earned credit hours.

Zapier Integration

No single solution will have all the tools you need or have pre-built integrations with all your tech solutions. That is why you should prioritize a vendor which is integrated with Zapier. With well over 1,000 apps currently integrated, Zapier makes it easy to push data from one app to another automatically and seamlessly.

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