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Using new software for the first time can be an overwhelming task.  Getting a team to accept, properly use and excel at can be nearly impossible.  However, with our Premium Support package you get our professionals who are experts, consultants and great trainers on continuing education software.  Purchase the package and utilize our team with setup, and implementation.  While we believe our software is easy to use setup is what takes the most attention. Good setup and configuration is the foundation ease of use.  We will help you understand the setup choices and build a great tool for your group.

Your first meeting will be a planning meeting to work through the unique things you want to accomplish.  We provide an excel import template for easing importing and getting your team rapidly setup.  With our Premium Support package you will also enjoy a personal trainer available by both email and phone to help you through the entire process of using a new application. Learn about best practices and take advantage of our CE management consulting team. With our package you will revive unlimited access to our team for one year. Phone support will be with a 4 hour response time. Take advantage of our team to make your transition to new software a great and successful experience.

See the three pricing packages below.



  • Professional training creates a better buy-in with your team
  • Good implementation takes time and effort but it is worth it
  • For a fair price you will get a better final product
  • Receive unlimited access with any of our support packages
  • Receive consulting experts in the area of continuing education
  • Utilize our excel import to speed the time of implementation
  • Benefit from expedited support via phone from a professional
  • Email and chat available for support and training

Premium Support Pricing

  • 1-9 Users
    $400 Per Year
    • Personal Trainer/Consultant
    • Scheduled Training
    • 4 hr Response Phone Support
    • Limited to 4 Hours/Yr.
    • Unlimited Same Day Email Support
    • Annual Pricing
  • 50- 150
    $2500 Per Year
    • Personal Trainer/Consultant
    • Scheduled Training
    • 4 hr Response Phone Support
    • Limited to 20 Hours/Yr.
    • Unlimited Same Day Email Support
    • Support Packages for Larger Firms
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