Make Continuing Education Engaging, Interactive, and Compliant.

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Make Continuing Education Engaging, Interactive, and Compliant. The right event management solution can facilitate greater attendee engagement and automate tracking attendance. These solutions can also eliminate manual systems and paper processes, enhance and engage our attendee experience, improve team workload, and serve organizational educational compliance. Eventur offers a full attendance tracking and continuing education solution for conferences.

Today’s technology ushers in a new era of attendee engagement. New technology introduces the ability to use any device during meetings, courses, and conferences. It also helps elevate the learning experience with features like Digital Q&A®, Live Polling, Chat, Social Posts and Gamification interactions.  Whether events are In-person, Virtual, Hybrid or Webinar, new features connect attendees with each other and the learning experience. This has greater importance for those who desire a more personal connection.

When event management software is combined with Continuing Education it will automate and simplify attendance tracking, evaluations, and certificate delivery. This is the foundation that allows organizations to Go Paperless! No more sign-in sheets or post event Continuing Education Forms. A Full-Attendance Tracking solution for continuing education can be used for conferences, meetings, courses, and seminars, and should save countless hours when compared to manual paper processes. To do this software must have the following New Era Features.

The New Era Features

Attendance Tracking for Continuing Education Events

Track attendance at single or multi-track conferences and meetings. Attendees can use their own devices or on-site kiosks to check-in or out of sessions using any of the following methods: Mobile App Badge QR Code Scanning, Device Session Check-in Codes, Classroom Kiosk Check-in, or an Automated Beacon Check-in® feature. These attendance tracking options provide a great deal of choice to fit individual event and compliance needs.

Digital Q&A® to Engage Attendees

Asking questions is integral to learning. With real time engagement features like Digital Q&A®, attendees can submit questions in real-time and see questions that others have asked. If an attendee sees a question that they want answered, they vote it up, and the list of questions automatically sorts by popularity allowing the speaker or host to answer questions in order. So, when it’s time for Q&A, the instructor knows what questions are most important to the entire group, not just those willing to raise their hand. This transforms a tedious and confusing tradition of Q&A to an engaging and effective method at the end of learning sessions.

Live Polling Enhances the Learning Process

Live Polling during presentations will help assess learning, gather audience profiles, and elevate the education process. Polls are instantly published on stage in real time and pushed to attendee devices for in-person events and virtual environments. This connects all attendees regardless of location. Polling also provides a gauge for tracking attendance and requirements if necessary.

Session and Event Evaluations in Real Time

Attendees can complete session evaluations in real-time before they even leave the session. The auto-send feature after check-out results in higher response rates and more accurate data. Options also include getting evaluations via email, using evaluations as a requirement for Certificates, and requiring correct answers as proof of attendance.  These options also enhance the learning experience while meeting compliance requirements.

Event Surveys can help gauge event performance and give valuable feedback bolstering strategies for future events. Getting these sent out to any device or via email at the end of events is critical to planning your next conference.

Improve Team Unity and Reduced Workload

Employing automations for tracking attendance not only reduces paper but your team’s workload. By eliminating manual scanning or sign-in sheets team members experience a work reduction allowing them to dedicate their time to attendee needs. Automations also remove the laborious attendance audit and certificate issuing post event. Utilizing Mobile Event Apps not only contribute to reduced workload but creates a place for teams to connection via private messaging, notifications, and real time event updates.  All of which elevate their ability to assist attendees, builds team unity and work as one.

Auto Delivery of Certificates and Real Time Reporting

Upon check-out of each session or at the end of the event systems can now auto-send custom certificates based upon compliance data from the attendance records.  You can optionally require certain performance criteria before a certificate is delivered based on organizational and compliance guidelines.  The criteria can include attendance time, polling answers per hour, evaluation completion and/or quiz features. This is especially helpful for Virtual, Hybrid, Webinar or On-Demand events where verifying attendance is more difficult.

Real-Time Reporting can now be viewed on-screen providing analytics from Polls, Q&A and Evaluations. Instant feedback is extremely helpful when problem solving or changing parameters during an event.  Having the ability to download a report with a single click that includes pertinent data and all your CE programs attendance records, provides a conveniently organized format that is a game changer for today’s instant data analysis.

The Benefits

Organizations can now use technology in clever ways to boost engagement. Events that provide gamification and digital giveaways, create unique event visibility which has proven to increase attention and interaction. Gamifying each action can also get attendees involved. Each user gets points for checking in, using digital Q&A, answering polls, chatting, and posting on an activity feed. Points can then be used for recognition or giveaways. It is a great ice breaker and allows them to see the benefits of technology.

Incorporating strategically placed TVs that show event updates, social media, and event information is another clever consideration. Users can enjoy having the ability to post current activities, share thoughts and connect with others. This connection can be as important as the one with the presentations and speakers.

These New Era Features provide the benefits of enhanced attendee engagement, automate attendance tracking and assuring compliance while saving your team countless hours. Go Paperless!  Automate and engage, during your next event. Your team will thank you.

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