Onsite Badge Printing Automations

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7 Onsite Badge Printing Automations.

For today’s events onsite badge printing is becoming the standard and the automation it creates has become a game changer. Whether you organize events, meetings or large conferences onsite event badge printing will elevate your crowd’s experience. Onsite event badge printing has replaced the outdated manual systems of preprinting badges before events or laying them out on tables. The following onsite badge printing automations are ready for your consideration when planning your next event.

Onsite Registration While Badge Printing – Provide quick, easy access to new attendees when utilizing onsite badge printing by making onsite registration available in the same application. No longer using separate systems or different lines at your event, with one stroke your new arrival can register while printing their badge. Onsite badge printing automation allows a seamless in-person experience.  One kiosk will allow new attendees or replacements to register while utilizing a onsite badge printing kiosk.

Touch Free Badge Printing – Arrivals can use an emailed QR code or one in the Event App for touch free badge printing. Simply scan your code and watch your badge instantly print out.  Creating a no risk experience is becoming more desirable every day, and every system should provide Touch Free Badge Printing Automation.

On-The-Fly Badge Editing – Allow your crowd to edit the details of their badge. Often the data is either wrong or the attendee wants to alter, complete, or add new information like middle initial, credentials, location changes or a nickname.  Allowing your crowd to do so is a needed automation at all events.

Controlling Badge Reprints – Don’t let badge sharing happen when you can disallow or control badge reprints. Badge printing automations like reprint notification can create a more secure event. Using warnings will alert staff to the situation and they can approve any reprints.  Disallowing badge reprints when using onsite badge printing will ensure you are not losing revenue from non-paid attendees.

QR Code Badge Scanning – Connect your crowd with each other via badge QR Codes. When using onsite badge printing, include the QR code that can be scanned for sharing contact information with other attendees or exhibitors. QR codes can also be used when scanning for gamification which creates a fun environment for any event. Onsite badge printing QR codes allow attendance tracking in sessions and exhibit halls too. RFID badges can also elevate your event with flow, attendance tracking  and room capacity management.

Color Coded Badges – Uniquely identify your crowd with special colors on each badge type. Onsite event badge printing will allow for different badge colors or designs which help in identifying user roles such as Guests, Speakers, Team, and Exhibitors. Create a unique badge for any group you wish. Simply set up color badges and specify printers to do the rest with onsite event badge printing.

Kiosk Event and Session Check-in – Utilize your badge kiosks for event traffic monitoring, room capacity review and attendance tracking. When attendance or flow is necessary to track, use the same badge printing kiosks for tracking room traffic.  This can be done touchless with QR codes or simply by creating sign-in stations at the back of any session room.  This is a game changer for professional events where tracking attendance for continuing education is necessary.

Onsite Badge Printing Automations Conclusions

Onsite badge printing has so many uses due to the automations created when printing badges onsite. This automation will save resources, reduce staffing, and create a wonderful experience for your group. Be sure your next event is a huge success by embracing and implementing the onsite badge printing automations available today.


Check out some of the industry standard badge printing automations

  • Branded kiosk screen with custom field options
  • Single Tap event check-in with search by name, email or company
  • Quick check-in with QR code
  • Attendee review and badge edit
  • Fast thermal printers
  • Print badge in less than 2 seconds
  • User friendly custom badge creation
  • Integrates with Eventur Registration or use Excel
  • Unique badge holders and lanyards available
  • VIP arrival tracking and notification via email or text
  • Instant update of attendee check-in times
  • Kiosk session check-in options via one-tap or QR code
  • Automatic attendance dwell time monitoring and reporting
  • Onsite event kiosk registration options available
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